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Create a file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image – any type of file).

Save the file to the Desktop (or to your “L” drive).

Insert a CD-R or CD-RW disk in your CD drive.

A dialog box will open asking what you would like to do.


DO NOT SELECT: Create a CD using Roxio CD Creator

Both of these options work – but are much more difficult to use.

SELECT: Open Writable CD Folder Using Windows Explorer

If the dialog box does not open, click on My Computer, then select the appropriate CD drive (usually the “E” drive).

Add the files that you want to write to the CD by either copying and pasting the files in the CD drive window, or by simply dragging them from your Desktop (or “L” drive) to the CD drive Window.

You can add several files to the CD at the same time, based on the size of the files.

Click on “Write these files to CD” in the left-hand navigation bar.

The system will burn these files to the CD. The CD drive will automatically open when the process is complete.

You may add other files to this same CD at a later time.

If you use a CD-R disk, you cannot delete, rename or edit the files you have burned to the CD. Do these operations on the file before you burn them to the disk.

If you use a CD-RW disk, you can edit, rename or delete files as you do on any other drive.

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