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A meeting was held on October 11, 2007 to discuss changes to the Madison and Metro campuses circulation policy matrices. Over time, new item types and patron groups have been added, and the settings have not always been consistent. Below is a summary of what was discussed.

  • All fines and fees were reviewed so that max fines are set to $10 instead of $20.
  • Removed all fines and fees for all faculty, staff and administration groups.
  • Item type “FDU Videos – Circulating” was renamed “FDU Media – 7 Day”; we thought this was more descriptive and more encompassing of various media types other than just videos. Both campuses will follow circ policy of 7 days with 1 renewal of an additional 7 days. To be used for DVDs, VHS, stand-alone CDs, and audio books.
  • Item type “FDU 7 Day Item” was deleted. This only had 4 Weiner Audio Books linked to it. These audio books were moved to the FDU Media – 7 Day type.
  • Removed the following patron types from the Madison matrix as they are strictly in Teaneck: Life students, life faculty, Madison Life Students (no longer exist), NJ Psychoanalytic Society.
  • Item type “FDU Audio” was deleted. This had only 4 cassette tapes for Madison (which sit permanently on reserve). Item type on item records were change accordingly.
  • Patron type “Madison Life Student” was deleted. This patron group no longer exists and there are no patrons in the patron file with this group assigned.
  • Item type “FDU Discretionary” was removed from the matrix – all discretionary materials follow the “all/all” settings as they are not available to circulate without an override. This was an extraneous setting in the matrix.
  • All charge/recall/hold/call-slip settings were reviewed for consistency by patron type and reset accordingly.

A dump of the policy matrix was provided to the heads of circulation (Patt Rydzewski and Debbie Daniele) so that all settings could be reviewed for accuracy.

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