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Minutes from CoolCAT NJ OPAC/Reference Subcommittee Meeting

Date: Thursday, February 22, 2007 Time: 10:00 am Location: Via ITV Attendees: Denise O’Shea, Kathy Stein-Smith, Maria Webb. Absent: Amira Unver and Maria Kocylowsky Submitted by: Denise O’Shea

As promised, I compiled a list of the proposed enhancements that we discussed during the meeting, and incorporated additional suggestions received from the committee via email and by telephone. I decided not to rank the list by level of difficulty to implement because in most cases I will not be the one actually doing the implementation! Thus I do not think it would be fair for me to rank the list. I did, however, include some commentary on perceived level of difficulty, and I will attempt to get some further feedback on this from USAS.

Proposed Enhancement Requests and Comments

  1. Documentation -- Add help text to basic search drop-down box (“Find Results In”). Revise and update all system help documentation, make it more thorough. Example: Exact Title (omit leading articles: A, An, The, L’”). Requires changes to a file on the server. See Should be fairly easy to implement once we agree on the actual text. DONE
  2. Change overall WebVoyage interface – use new colours, fonts, graphics and buttons. Eliminate scrolling wherever possible, tighten up white space. See protoype at and new CoolCAT homepage prototype at
  3. Expand the Quick Limits drop-down box to include campus locations. Requires further discussion. There is a proposal from CSE to expand this list further by combining it with the “Advanced Limits” choices. I recommend that we keep the Quick Limits list as a small list – no more than 5 to 7 choices. We may add additional choices to the “Advance Limits” drop-down list. DONE
  4. Implement the New Materials Tab and the associated RSS feeds. This may be one of the more difficult items, however, the programming code to do this already exists.
  5. Changes to Callslips:
    Eliminate the need for patrons to login with their barcodes twice. Per USAS, this is not feasible due to how our login scripts work. Note: this is a problem with other schools also, and has been submitted as an enhancement request for Voyager.
    Change form in order to force patrons to choose a pickup location (default to “Please select a pickup location”). This is doable, but not recommended by Systems Librarian as it would require the creation of a false location labeled 'Please select a pickup location'.
    Change item designations from c.1, c.2, etc. to CSE, Weiner, BRL, etc.
    Eliminate drop-down list for ‘Please choose type of request’ as there is really only one choice (Intercampus Loan). Because the patron login scripts are involved this may be one of the more difficult changes to make.
  6. Modify list of pickup locations to include the name of the school. This change is not recommended by the Systems Librarian at this time as it would require re-labeling the circ locations within the system, and I am not sure how that would impact other system functionality.
    a. FDU – Madison
    b. FDU-- Business Library
    c. FDU – Metro
    Delete ‘cse fac c’ as a location (confirm with CSE) -- DONE
  7. Consolidate and re-label information that appears in the record details section of the catalog. Example: Have 3 tabs – Brief View, Full View, and Staff (MARC) View. Requires further discussion and may be fairly difficult to implement. See
  8. Add a session timeout counter Note: we cannot eliminate the session timeout feature of WebVoyage. It is currently set at 5 minutes. There are technical issues that require that users timeout after a period of inactivity. We can discuss these in our next meeting. I need to look further into how the timeout counter works and report back to the team. Does it continue counting even in active mode? Will it timeout in the middle of a search? WILL BE IMPLEMENTED IN FUTURE RELEASE OF VOYAGER.
  9. Expand use of book cover column to include graphics for other types of materials, i.e., for a link to a film show a movie camera (very useful with FMG materials). Not sure of the level of difficulty here. See William Paterson University at[xEOInHOHoD?[mlCJxAOIqH_H For an example of this.
  10. Implement ‘My Bookbag’ feature ‘My Bookbag’ is a list of saved items from searches. It should be popular with grad students, faculty and librarians.
  11. Create an OPAC search box that can be used on other institutional web pages – bring the library to its users. Example, have library search box on the Web Campus/Blackboard page. THIS HAS BEEN DONE.
  12. Include a feedback link on the catalog homepage. This should be fairly easy to do, however, it will require the creation of a mail-enabled web form.
  13. Re-label Limits buttons ‘More Limits, ‘Set Limits’ and ‘Clear Limits’ see Yale /Orbis for example
  14. Additional suggestions from CSE, not discussed in meeting:
    Gray out the ‘Request Item’ button, until one is on the individual record screen. This has been entered as an enhancement request for Voyager.
    Change the Advanced Search Screen default of ‘as a phrase’ to ‘all of these’
    More context sensitive help, e.g. placing a link to WorldCat on the ‘no items found screen’ All suggestions require further discussion.
  15. Default search screen should be the ‘Advanced Search’ screen. We do not have consensus on this. Requires further discussion and a vote by the committee. The actual implementation of this feature should be fairly easy to do.
  16. For titles where multiple libraries hold an item, list the actual libraries. I am not sure how easy or difficult this will be to do.
  17. For periodicals and serials show the current edition, not just when we initially started receiving a title, or show a range of dates (1970-2007). I will investigate how to go about doing this.
  18. For the Patron login screen change text to read “My Institution” instead of Institution. Should be a straightforward change. Not sure if this is doable, requires further research.
  19. In the basic search, reorder the choices in the ‘Find Results In’ drop-down box:
    Title Keyword
    Title Search
    Also, put Author Browse and Author/Title together in the list
  20. Search History is not working fully -- check boxes for combining searches are not enabled. I will investigate this.
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