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Today (9/28/07), the heads of Public Service and Circulation from Madison and Teaneck met to discuss how to handle new books coming into the library with respect to loan periods and availability for ILL requests. In attendance were Maria Webb, Patt Rydzewski, Eleanor Friedl, Kathy Stein, Debbie Daniele and Mary Marks. Here is a summary of what was decided in this meeting.

New circulating books will not be available for ILL for a period of 90 days from the date they are cataloged. They will be available for intercampus loans, including to CSE patrons, and for VALE reciprocal borrowing. ILL staff will be instructed to watch for new titles and not allow them to go out (the system should catch these, but staff should be watchful as well).

New circulating books will have a maximum 28 day loan period for all patron types.

One renewal will be allowed for a period of a second 28 days, as long as a “hold” has not been placed on the title by another patron.

A “hold” is when a patron wishes to be “next in line” to check out the book when it is currently checked out to another patron. It is basically a waiting list. Patt and Debbie will get together to ensure that both circ staffs are handling holds in the same manner in the Circulation module. This process is not currently available in the OPAC (it was “turned off” in the OPAC so as to avoid confusion with intercampus loan requests.)

A circulation supervisor override will be necessary in Voyager to deviate from this policy.

This new policy requires the creation of a new item type and changes to the circulation policy matrices in Voyager. This will be handled by Denise O’Shea.

This new policy will not affect CSE circulation policies.

Technical Services will be responsible for removing the status of “new book” from titles once they have been in the collection for more than 90 days. This will be done in batch mode and re-handling of the actual book by Technical Services staff will not be necessary. A report will be run on a monthly basis to monitor new titles.

Books on the Weiner Library 14-day book shelf will not be affected by this change with the exception that these books will no longer be available for ILL. Also, the maximum fine for 14-day books will be changed from $20 to $10, to correspond with the maximum fine policy for other items. These two issues require changes to the Weiner circulation matrix. This will be handled by Denise O’Shea.

Detailed instructions for the Technical Services staff for handling new books will be issued shortly.

Changes will need to be made to the Book Borrowing Policy to reflect these decisions – both on the Library webpage, and in any other written format. Mary will work with Patt and Debbie to get this done.

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