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What happens when Voyager won’t read an export file from OCLC?

(Note: this problem does not occur if you use Firefox, rather than IE)

This happens when OCLC saves your export file as an html file, rather than as a dat file. You can check this by opening the export.dat file in WordPad—if you see HTML tags, then you need to change your download settings in Internet Explorer.

The following steps were provided by OCLC Support to resolve this issue.

Here are some steps to take to help ensure that Internet Explorer 7.0 is set to download your MARC record data. Perform these steps in Internet Explorer while not logged into the Connexion browser. Open Internet Explorer to your home page. From the Tools drop-down menu, choose Pop-up Blocker, Pop-up Blocker Settings...

From this menu, enter connexion.oclc.org in the Address of Web site to allow and click the Add button. The connexion.oclc.org address will show in the Allowed sites big window. Close this window.

Next, access Tools, Internet Options and click on the Security tab.

From this menu, select the Trusted sites icon.

Now click the Sites button.

From this menu, first uncheck the checkbox that reads "Require server verification (https://) for all sites in this zone."

Then in the "Add this Web site to the zone:" field enter http://connexion.oclc.org.

Click the Add button, then click the OK button.

Just a few more Internet Explorer security settings need adjustment.

Open Tools, Internet Options... From here, click on the Security tab.

Select the "Trusted sites" zone. Now click on the Custom Level... button.

Next, scroll down to the "Downloads" section.

Once in that section choose "Enable" for "Automatic prompting for file downloads" and the "File download" choice.

Toward the bottom of this list is the "Scripting" section.

Here, be sure the following three selections have the radio button set to Enable:

"Allow status bar updates via script"

"Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows"

"Scripting of Java applets"

Next, repeat these same security settings adjustments with the "Internet" zone icon selected (big globe icon).

Apply these changes, close and restart the browser. You now should receive your MARC record data in every download.

You should now be able to import your OCLC records into Voyager.

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