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Instructions for Setting up Special Forms to Print Using the OCLC Label Program

In order to use the OCLC Label Program under Windows XP, it is necessary to create a special "form" to use with the continuous feed label printer. The directions from OCLC are provided here:

Special Instructions: Print Continuous Labels in Windows 2000 or Windows XP

Problem Description

  • To print continuous labels in Windows 2000 or Windows XP, you must set up a custom label form to use with your pin-feed printer.
  • Unless you specify a custom form, the printer advances the stock incorrectly, inserting a form feed after each label.

Set up label form in Windows 2000 or Windows XP

  1. Double-click My Computer and then double-click the Printers folder.
  2. Click File at the top of the Printers folder and select Server Properties,.
  3. In the Print Server Properties dialog box, click the Forms tab if it is not on top.
  4. On the Forms tab, select the Create a New Form check box.
  5. In the Form Description for box, type a name for the label form. For example, type sl4 label.
  6. Under Paper Size, specify the width and height of each label area for the label stock you use. Take measurements from edge to edge of the stock; do not measure the text area of the label itself. (See typical label dimensions below).
  7. Click the Save Form button. Then click Close to close the Print Server Properties dialog box.
  8. In the Printers folder, make sure the icon for the pin-feed printer is highlighted. Click to highlight it if necessary.
  9. Right-click the printer name and click Properties.
  10. In the Properties dialog box, select the General tab.
  11. On the General tab, select Printing Preferences. Then click Advanced.
  12. In the Advanced dialog box, select the Paper Size check box.
  13. In the Paper Size list, highlight the custom form you created (example: sl4 label).
  14. To save the new settings, click OK, then Apply, then OK, and then OK to close the Properties dialog box. Then close the Printers folder.
  15. Start the Label Program. On the Options menu click Print.
  16. In the Print Options dialog box, select the pin-feed printer for which you set up a label form. Under Form, select Continuous.

Then click OK.

Typical Label Dimensions

sl6: 5.0 inches (500 hundredths) x 3.0 inches (300 hundredths)

sl4: 5.0 inches (500 hundredths) x 2.0 inches (200 hundredths)

slb: 5.0 inches (500 hundredths) x 2.0 inches (200 hundredths)

sp1: 3.0 inches (300 hundredths) x 2.0 inches (200 hundredths)

Do not change the default values for Printer Area Margins.

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