Specifications for Cataloging Streaming Media

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Streaming Media Cataloging Specifications

See Voyager Bib record 432878 for sample field values, and its attached holdings (holdings ID 545451)

006 field: with appropriate values

007 field: with appropriate values

028 field: Distributor’s catalog number

245 field: GMD of [electronic resource] ; statement of responsibility can list production company and/or producer, if that info is available.

260 field: Company that provides the streaming media (not necessarily the company that produced it)

440 or 490/8XX field: Series name, if appropriate

500 field: Streaming media (XX min).

506 field: Available to the Fairleigh Dickinson University community

520 field: Summary note.

538 field: System requirements: Windows Media Player or QuickTime software (note: does not have to be these 2 players—list whichever player is appropriate)

538 field: Mode of access: World Wide Web

500 field: FMG on demand (for FMG materials—a different note can be used for other vendors, or not at all if it doesn’t apply)

6XX field: Subject(s) for the film

7XX field: production company, if listed (710), and any personal author added entries that are appropriate.

856 field: URL where streaming media is accessed

899 field: Reporting note (FMG materials have “FMG” in this field)

Fixed field values should include:

Running time Appropriate copyright year Technique (usually “l” for live action) All other default fields should be filled in (Desc, DtSt, Srce, etc.)

Holdings Record

Location: FDU E-Resource Collection Call number: ONLINE (all caps) 856 field: include URL for media (subfield u), and note in subfield z: Click to access from FDU campus or to log in using FDU Webmail ID and password

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