Specifications for Cataloging Videos and DVDs

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As of November 2009, all Madison videos and DVDs are permanently shelved in the Technical Services department. They should be cataloged as follows:

  • MARC bibliographic records are obtained from OCLC as usual. Items without an OCLC record should be given to one of the Technical Services librarians for original cataloging.
  • An 090 tag with an LC number should always be present in the MARC record, even though we don't use the LC number at present. Records without a class number should be referred to the Technical Services librarian for classification.
  • If there are parallel titles in the 245 field, and a non-English title is listed first, reverse the titles in subfields a and b (be sure to check indicator 2 for initial articles), and amend the 246 field to show the non-English title. We want the title it's going to be shelved by to be first. The exception would be items that are well-known by their non-English title.
  • An 830 tag should be added to all records that says Madison Media Collection.
  • When the MFHD (holdings) are added to the MARC bib record:
  Use the location  Madison Media Collection (MMED)
  Delete the class number, and in $h put the first filing word of the title in all caps
  If there are multiple pieces or volumes, note the volumes in the 866 field

  • In the item record--add a barcode as usual, and the item type should be FDU Media 7-Day. Do not add temporary locations--items on reserve will be given a reserve status by Circulation staff.
  • Processing: Add 1 barcode per circulating item (i.e., if there are a box set of DVDs that go out as a set, use only 1 barcode. Use multiple barcodes and make separate item records if the items are to circulate separately).

Do not add any call number or pocket labels to the item--it will be shelved by title. If the title is not clear or misleading on the spine, make a spine label with the title from the 245 tag in the MARC bib record clearly shown.

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