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New and Improved Features and Functions in Voyager 6.1

The latest version of Voyager provides new features and takes advantage of newer standards such as Unicode (input, search and display of non-Latin scripts, including right-to-left scripts like Arabic and Hebrew) and the expanded support for ISBN13 (a unique identifier for books that is expanding from 10 to 13 digits to alleviate numbering shortages).

Other features include:

Acquisitions and Serials

  • Enhanced serials processing and display
  • Better handling of complex publication patterns

Voyager clients

  • New search options.


  • Enhanced search options
  • Display non-roman characters in WebVoyáge without proprietary software

New and Enhanced Searching

  • Holdings keyword searches – performed in the Voyager client only
  • Keyword-in-headings searches – provides alphabetical results list of every heading containing search tem, uses Boolean operators. Available in the Voyager client and WebVoyáge
  • Wildcards for left and internal truncation – allows searchers in WebVoyáge or the Voyager clients to place wildcard characters (? or %) anywhere in a search term and insert more than one in a search:
  • ? matches on zero, one or more characters
  • % matches on a single character, giving more precise control
  • Boolean search options – may be use with a filter to eliminate common words (such as the, in, with, etc…) while performing searches
  • Combined MFHD-Bib searches


  • Circulation alerts
  • Online tracking of in-transit items
  • Retain patron IDs with stronger security options
  • Batch deletion of patron records


  • Voyager database will meet current MARC and IT standards
  • Catalogers can create and edit any MARC record using the UTF-8 character set
  • Accommodates OCLC nine-digit Control Numbers
  • Improved display of diacritics and special characters
  • “Replace No Add” option in duplicate detection
  • Improved handling of suppression
  • New ISBN indexes (020N & 020R)
  • Search URI – ability to search the Web (Google, Amazon, etc.) from within the Cataloging client.
  • HTTP posting – takes the cataloger from the cataloging record to the OPAC view of the same record


  • Heading subdivision separators – allows for the display of two dashes (--) to be inserted in a heading with subdivisions, even though the dashes are not visible in the MARC record
  • New sorting options in the Voyager clients

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