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Welcome to the FDU Librarywiki. This wiki was established to give the University Library a chance to explore the usefulness of Wikis. Please have fun exploring the site, and consider contributing to it. All library staff are welcome and encouraged to participate.

What is a Wiki? Wikis are becoming the next big thing in the field of information. A Wiki enables documents to be authored collectively using a web browser. The FDU Librarywiki makes all of its content searchable, and allows easy access for anyone in the library to edit the information when necessary.

Some ideas for using this Wiki include:

  • Discussion of Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 topics
  • Shared knowledge repository
  • Library event planning
  • Creation of subject guides
  • Library instruction -- handouts, tutorials, teaching tips, etc.
  • Collaborative reviews of databases, books, websites, eResources, etc.
  • Meeting notes and reports
  • Online collaboration on projects, plans, reports, documents, and policies & procedures
  • Library Web Team Collaboration
  • Development of library FAQs, and much, much more

Wiki Policy

Anything library-related is welcome here. This Wiki was designed to be built, edited, organized, and maintained by FDU library staff. All staff are required to create an account and log in to make changes. Contributions of inaccurate or off-topic content, spam, trolling and vandalism are not welcome and will be removed.

Warning: Never put personal or security-sensitive information here (i.e. passwords, patron or personal info, etc.). This includes information in screen shots. All sensitive information should reside in the library in private places.

Getting Started

  • You must register to participate in using the wiki. Please contact Denise O'Shea ( for an account if you haven’t already done so.
  • Most information in a Wiki is found via the search. For example, try to search for the word, ‘Voyager’ (without quotes).
  • Once you’ve found a document, if you see that it is missing information or has an error, you can edit it (as long as you are logged in). Keep in mind that you don't have to use HTML. You can type things free form.
  • When you visit the new page you created, you’ll need to login and edit it, and then save it for the URL to be created.

Jessamyn West, Biblioblogger at, has authored a page of Wiki editing tips at the LibSuccess Wiki, a collection of library best practices and more [1]

For more details on working with this wiki take a look at File:About the FDU Librarywiki.doc


Check out the alphabetized list of categories with alphabetized lists of articles in each category. If you add a new category, please add it to this list on the main page so people can easily find it.

You can easily add a new category by putting the title of the new page inside double brackets on the front page (you can see the formatting when you go to edit this page). Then, when you click on that link, you will be taken to a new page that you can add to. I have already setup some categories below, but many of the pages have not yet been created (topics listed in red). Simply click on the title and a new page will automatically be created for that topic.

Management & Leadership

Collection Development and Access Issues

Programs and Services

Reference Services & Information Literacy

Technical Services

Promoting Our Library

Training & Development for Librarians


Backing up and Restoring Bookmarks


EAudio Books

CAF Library Lab Printer - Troubleshooting





Implementing Technology in the Library

Conference Notes


Computers in Libraries

FDU Library Staff Meetings

EndUser 2007

Mid Atlantic Library Futures Conference

NJLA Conference

Questions? Comments?

Please write to Youbo Wang, responsible for the Librarywiki, at this address:

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